Barricades Rise - All I Have Is HereTracklist :
1. « Animals » – 2. « Always Yours » – 3. « Making Faces From Clouds » – 4. « Run » – 5. « Nod and Smile » – 6. « When We Were Young » – 7. « Great White North » – 8. « If You Were Here » – 9. « Folk Songs and Jazz Bands » – 10. « Roundabouts » – 11. « Just For Tonight »

Release Date : June, 24th 2011

Barricade Rise seems hyperactive. In addition to their regular live appearances in the UK, they released in less than three years an album, a cover album and an EP. The Nuneaton folk act is now introducing their second album All I Have Is Here due out tomorrow, June 24th.

If you are a big fan of the first album, you certainly will not be lost by listening to the opening tracks « Animals » and « Always Yours » : same musical texture, with melodic patterns supported by a sharp guitar and exotic drums rhythm. The following songs progressively drown us into the band’s newly explored bluegrass influences. Firstly skeptical with « Making Faces From Clouds », I had to wait until « Nod And Smile » and « When We Were Young » to finally be convinced how good the pop-folk-bluegrass combination could actually be. Some quieter songs such as « The Great North », the James Blunt’s-feeling-like « Folk Songs And Jazz Bands » and « Just For Tonight » come to complete the whole as a perfect punctuation, still with this raw but soft characteristic voice.

Even though this second album did not catch my ears as the first one did with songs like « Aftermath », the duet dared trying new instruments and musical arrangements which are worth it, adding to the songs different textures instead of one unique musical direction all along.

You can have a preview of the song « Nod And Smile » right here !

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La chronique de l’album arrivera en français demain 😉