Je vais tenter quelque chose auquel je pense depuis quelques temps déjà, étant donné que j’assiste à des événements en Angleterre, il pourrait être sympa que mon article paraisse aussi en anglais. / I’m going to try something I think about a while due to the fact I’m attending English events, it could be nice that my article in French be released in English too.

Sometimes you find yourself into a gig of a band that you find ok. Sometimes this band isn’t transcending you not that much, but it remains good to listen to. And sometimes something you don’t expect happens.

Last night I was at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, a pretty small gig venue which offers a kind of intimacy with the artists. Those artists, or I should say the band, was Wolfmother. Not that famous for some people, already a reference for other one, I was personally not fond of their music, except few songs and the particular sound signature. My curiosity allowed me once again to be ass-kicked.

Doors opened at 7pm, the opening act began at 8pm. To be honest I can’t remember the name of this experimental sounding quintet.

Opening Act Wolfmother

I had the impression to listen « When The Levee Breaks » with variations at each song they played, except few bluesy ones. I didn’t really appreciated that band, even if the multi-instrumentalist talents of each member have to be noticed.

9.30pm, after changing the equipment, Wolfmother came onstage. Alright it’s not the original line-up, only the frontman remains the same. Let’s talk a bit about him : Andrew Stockdale and his awesome hair tuft who both came like a hurricane onstage armed with a Gibson SG. The guy has a such wonderful that he could scare a Robert Plant out during an American tour night. The show began on an electrifying « Dimension » which blasted the crowd from the first power chords. This kind of energy, we feel it from the beginning, there is such a powerful feeling offered by the drums, the bass lines and mainly in the voice of this awesome bushy haired guy. He wasn’t the only one haired like that, his bassist/keyboardist bandmate Ian Peres was also, looking like twins. But anyway, I digress.

Wolfmother Birmingham 1
Wolfmother Birmingham 2
[dailymotion xbxhi8]

I won’t have this time the pretentiousness to name every song that the australian band played because, like I said, I wasn’t a fan enough. Nevertheless, one of the famous composition of the band entitled « Woman » really got me. Played in third or fourth position, this song has drove the crowd worse crazy than it was already. Everything’s going on, no one calm down and it’s worthless to say that about the musicians who continue with an endless energy : Andrew jump everywhere and « knits » awesome guitar solos, Ian turn on himself with his bass, Aidan Nemeth performs discreetly but powerfully his guitar chords and Datkins smashes his drum set.

Wolfmother Birmingham 3
Wolfmother Birmingham 4

A kind of pause comes on my favourite song « Mind’s Eye », but not really (you’ll understand at the end of the following footage). I jump everywhere and everyone pushes each other and my weak toe discovered a passion for the blue(s) too. The end of the gig was quieter for me, but on the stage, everything was going differently.

[dailymotion xbxi9s]

Then the musicians left the stage, are awaited a long time for an encore and finally reappeared onstage to complete the audience with a « Joker and The Thief ».

Wolfmother Birmingham 5
Wolfmother Birmingham 6
Wolfmother Birmingham 7

An amazing show and a sound mixing both Led Zeppelin and indie rock influences. Wolfmother gave me back the hope of a possible and valuable modern rock genre.